Goals – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

I mentioned previously that I wanted to change directions a bit and share the journey we’re taking with everyone. There are a few reasons behind it but one of the major factors is that it helps to keep us (read: me) accountable. It is a scary thought – sharing goals that are deeply personal to us; it invites criticism and judgment from every aspect and as much as I wish I was immune from nonconstructive criticism, I am not. I get hurt feelings like everyone else. Regardless, I want to share my goals for 2018 with everyone so here we go…

Personal Goals

  • Eat Better – This is something I *need* to do. I eat way too much processed shit, drink entirely too much cherry coke, and don’t eat as many fresh foods as I should. I want to feel better and I think one of the steps I need to take is providing my body with healthy alternatives to the box of Cloud Cakes (because Twinkies suck) that I really want to snack on. I have already tossed out all processed things and put myself on a food budget, so to speak, where I can treat myself to something terrible once and a while but I am actively looking for better alternatives. I am trying to drink more water as well.
  • No Drinking – Honestly, this isn’t something that is going to be hard for me at all. I don’t like drinking, I  hate how it makes me feel, and I don’t like the taste of alcohol. I normally drink in social situations but you know what? I would much rather have a cherry coke.
  • Exercise – It seems like everyone wants to start exercising during the near year but I promise that it is mostly coincidence in my case. My jeans are just a bit too snug for me and part of the reason is my lack of exercise. I am electing to do 1 fitness challenge per month  (this month it is a 30-day squat challenge) and ride horses at least 3 days a week. The downside to trying to commit to this right now is the ridiculously cold temperature outside – it is currently 15 degrees out. I know there are plenty of horse people that might judge me for it but I absolutely refuse to work out in weather that is below 50 degrees. I am NOT a cold weather person and I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Judge me all you want but you can eat a buffet of dicks.
  • Become a Morning Person – Anyone who knows me can tell you I hate mornings. I loathe them. I am a night owl and I would much rather stay up until 2 am than have to wake up early. Alas, that is not conducive to my family life. Sorin needs to be at work by 5:30 am at the latest which means he needs to be in bed by 9 pm (like the 80-year-old man he is at heart) and that means we don’t really have a lot of time to spend together when he gets home because I am still going through the motions of my day, largely due to the fact that I got up at 9 am and proceeded to stay in bed playing on my phone until 10 am.  This is a familiar routine to many – technology has made me lazy. I am starting a gradual change, setting the alarm to rise earlier at a slow pace. I hate it but it needs to be done.
  • Journaling – One of my best friends (I am looking directly at you Aimee) has encouraged me to start journaling and I find it cathartic. My personal journal deals a lot more with my spiritual journey and discussing my personal goals, trials, tribulations, failures, successes, etc… at great length. I love it. It forces me to take some time for myself and think logically and clearly about things.


Household Goals

  • Time Management – Getting on a schedule sounds easier than it actually is. Since we have so much happening as a family we decided we need a schedule to better manage our time. When we’re better at managing our time we suddenly find we have a lot more of it to enjoy each other as a family (game nights, movies, etc…) and as a couple (essentially more video games and tea). We’ve tried doing this before but always find excuses and distractions that take us away from whatever schedule we’re aiming towards.
  • Renovations – We bought this 20-acre farm and early 1900’s farmhouse with the intentions of staying for a while. Now, we’re not sure we want to stay in Alabama and are prioritizing our renovation schedule. We’ve already finished our son’s room and playroom but we’ve so much more to do. Essentially, we stripped to rooms down to the studs and re-did everything in it.  Going forward we’re going to try and pick and choose our projects more carefully. Our goal is to finish renovating the entire home by year end.


Financial Goals

  • Credit Card Debt – This is a big one. We owe about 20k in credit card debt for one stupid decision or another. It is an intimidating number and I know I am not alone in debt, there are millions of us out there. Thankfully, Sorin has a pretty awesome job and we’re pretty sure we’re going to be able to pay this off within the first half of the year. Essentially, our monthly payments hover around $550 a month and there is no reason that they should be.
  • Car Payment – In addition to paying off the credit cards, we’re going to aim to pay off the balance on Sorin’s commuter car. It isn’t a ton, around 6k, but that is one less thing we want to have a payment on.
  • Budgeting – We’ve set ourselves up on a pretty strict budget. Our issue most of the time is finding a reason to waver, we end up “needing” something that we truly don’t which brings me to…
  • Want vs. Need – We all do it. We tell ourselves we absolutely need something, relevant or not to whatever our goal is, and then we splurge a bit because we have somehow found a way to justify it. Sorin and I are terrible at this. We always find a way to “need” something when we truly don’t. This year I have taken some drastic steps in cutting out irrelevant wants and only focusing on actual needs.


Each one of these goals deserves an entire post to itself but you guys really don’t need to nitty gritty, just the overview. It all seems so overwhelming at times but the truth is we earn a very comfortable 6 figures and there is no excuse for us to not be able to get our shit handled. Seriously.

All of our goals are attainable but that doesn’t mean they are easy to attain. We’re confident this year because we’ve finally redone our goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method (which I totally stole from Aimee because she wrote about this the other day and it is amazing) and have action items, long/short-term goals, and a clearly defined path ahead of us.

Just like many others, I am super amped about what this year is going to hold for us. I am confident, optimistic, and looking forward to positive change. I will definitely face some hard choices but now that you know what the goals are for me, I hope my future posts make more sense. I wanted to be sure I gave you a broad overview of our goals so you know what we’re working towards and trying to achieve.

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